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Emirates Movie Index
Every start of the year means low season for Emirates Holidays. People conventionally book and plan their holidays through certain periods of the year. At other times, they would much rather stay home and see the world through movies. Emirates Holidays wanted to change the trend and get sales to pick up again. Being a brand that is all about real experiences and the potential of what tomorrow would bring, we decided to make the movies work harder to sell Emirates Holidays packages while entertaining the masses at the same time.

The Emirates Movie Index: Holiday packages that fluctuate according to the movie plots. In partnership with top TV networks in UAE, we used prime movie slots to sell destinations in real time. By using real- time banners, we displayed offers that went down every time something went wrong in the city featured in the movie; and up every time something went right. So, for example, if Aliens attacked Los Angeles, the price to LA went down instantly. If the aliens were defeated, the price went back up again, etc. We selected movies that covered over 16 destinations, with some of them covering even multiple destinations at the same time. Using all types of genre, from action to comedy to sci-fi and even Bollywood.


2016 \ Epica \ Bronze

2017 \ Cristal Festival \ Silve

2017 \ Dubai Lynx \ 3 Silver