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Emirates Mars Mission “Hope Probe”

The first-ever Arab space mission to Mars, launched by the first-ever Arabic countdown.
The countdown is one of the most exciting and gripping moments of any space mission. It marks the final moments of years of collective effort and creates anticipation amongst everyone.
The most famous launch countdown was for Apollo 11 that first put man on the moon. Since then, we’ve heard it in the language of all the spacefaring nations, Russian, French, Chinese.
Our idea was to elevate the launch countdown to a rallying cry that unites people creating a feeling of shared pride, excitement and inspiration for the future.

Launched with an emotional manifesto film that addresses the pride in every citizen of the Arab world, the campaign celebrates “a new era for Arabs in space”, inviting people to share their #FirstArabicCountdown to the space mission.
A ‘Lens of Hope’ that performs the countdown was produced on Snapchat to further engage the community. The lens incorporates audio, video and keywords, allowing people to give the count down the go-ahead.

The campaign extended across different media, including social and digital channels, as well as radio. The countdown aired in prime locations and landmarks, on the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, as well as outdoor displays, buildings and cinemas across the Emirates.
A number of local, regional and global influencers, TV and radio anchors and celebrities joined the mission including David Luiz, Jacqueline Fernandez, Gary Vee, Jay Shetty, Muniba Mazari, Ragheb Alama and Ahmad Helmi, encouraging non-Arabic speakers to learn Arabic countdown and inviting people to tune in to the big event. European and Middle Eastern ambassadors to the UAE even joined the movement, sharing their own countdowns and messages of support.