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Ghost Pepper Twister
For ages, advertising has spewed the same rhetoric about spicy food, especially in the MENA region, where food isn’t food unless it’s covered in spice and the over the top “masculine” challenge approach is the norm. This has led to spice having an intimidating reputation – especially amongst women who are less likely to be attracted to the challenge of extreme spice. Which is a shame, because when taking a deep-dive into the world of spice, we found doctors and nutritionists have a very different story to tell. According to them, spice has remarkable health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to weight loss and skincare routines. This insight helped us bridge the gap between the perception of spicy food among women in the region, and how we could break through the stereotypical macho spice ads that make spice about a “challenge” rather than a delicious, blush inducing experience.

Using the beauty category as our muse, we turned the spicy Ghost Pepper Twister into a makeup tool that connected directly with the intended audience: women who were unaware of spicy food’s incredible health benefits. We entered this category like any beauty product would and created a unique parody using typical beauty-world tropes. The film shows a woman go from tired to fabulous-and-red-cheeked thanks to the spicy Ghost Pepper Twister effect: Bite, Rush, Blush.

Ghost Pepper Twister

2021 \ Dubai Lynx \ Silver