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McDonalds Promoticon
How can McDonald’s convince its consumers to not only download the McDelivery app but to keep it on their phone and keep ordering from it?

Mc Donald’s reinvented the rules of direct marketing and promo push, by creating a giveaway promotion with an innovative game-changing design, removing all obstacles to happiness by changing something simple, easy to understand and also fun to experience: the app icon.
"The Promoticon" - Happiness at your fingertips, literally. By updating the McDelivery app icon design, people could easily discover what bites of happiness McDonald's was giving away with each order. If the icon is a Big Mac, people get a free Big Mac, if it is fries, free fries, same with Mcnuggets and many more iconic products. No need to redeem points, enter codes or exchange coupons, whatever the app looks like you get for free with your order.

The result: zero spend on app development, 80% increase in downloads and massive increase in orders across the Middle East.


2017 \ MENA Cristal Festival \ Bronze

2017 \ Loeries \ Silver

2017 \ TBWA Disruption Awards \ Merits

2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ 2 Grand Prix \ Gold \ 2 Silver \ Bronze