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Thank You Russia
For the people of Lebanon, recent past events have made life even harder than before, and it is anything but a smooth ride –both on, and off the roads.
When people aren’t maneuvering their cars around giant potholes the size of bathtubs, they are wondering when the government may decide at random to cut salaries and deny people access to their own money from the bank.

For Lada, a robust beast of a car that is usually spotted in areas with rocky roads such as the mountains, there was an opportunity to turn the pitfalls (and potholes) of the Lebanese government into something positive. Turning apathy into action, Lada used the situation created by the government to relaunch their vehicle.

From the many past campaigns and protests that have been aimed at the Lebanese government, we know that the only thing they love more than making excuses, is themselves. And when they aren’t feeling “the love,” and the attention is on someone else who is doing what they are supposed to be doing, they take notice.

Therefore, we decided to share the love… with another government: the one that brought us the Lada.

Thank You Russia

2021\ Dubai Lynx \ Grand Prix

2020 \ Loeries \ Bronze