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The Art Gap Exhibition
Art Gap Exhibition

SCB is ‘Here For Good’. A brand’s promise to improve communities. And they walk the talk: In 2017, they instituted the Fair Pay Charter, pledging to pay men and women equally.

Beyond supporting female empowerment initiatives across the bank, they wanted to raise awareness for gender pay equality. One alarming fact surfaced: A study led by the University of Oxford - Saïd Business School emerged, highlighting that works by women artists sell for 47.6% less than those by men. The press reported it. Then the world moved on.

SCB felt that this was not good enough. Something needed to be done. Action, not words.

Introducing: The Art Gap Exhibition. If women are going to be paid 47.6% less, they will paint 47.6% less. SCB brought together a collective of 19 Emirati and expat women artists from 11 nationalities to add their voices to the global gender parity conversation. They showcased their best art pieces, but this time, incomplete. They painted 47.6% less of their canvas, matching the exact percentage of their pay gap. The blank space on the canvas highlighted what the world would miss if it didn’t treat women and men equally. The sum of 19 incomplete paintings created a powerful visual statement that showed, in the most universal way, the gender pay inequality in the art world.